Our Philosophy


We win.  But not because we scorch the earth or cut corners. We win because our work is driven by three core principles:

  • Every community is unique
  • Listening is a lost art
  • People support what they help create. 

Our job is to help you tell your unique story in an ethical and compelling way; to help you engage, listen and build relationships and to help you see opportunities through a win-win lens, so you inspire others to rise to champion your cause from the outside in.

CliffordMoss – Let us tell your story with ethics and integrity, not politics as usual.


Who We Help

CliffordMoss helps public agencies, private organizations and individuals build public support for ballot measures, strategic initiatives, campaigns and causes.

Do your organizational goals require delicate navigation in the public arena? Are you a school district, community college, healthcare district, city, county or special district? Are you a candidate, company or organization with a compelling political cause? We can help.