Tracey Miller-Zarneke

Tracey Miller-Zarneke, Senior Project Advisor, joins CliffordMoss with over thirty years of professional communications experience and a passion for work in the public service realm. Her diverse career has spanned the sectors of public agency, non-profit, electoral candidates, animation, restaurant and entertainment. Tracey also brings first-hand knowledge of public education and municipal service: she is currently the elected School Board President for the El Segundo Unified School District and the appointed Chair of the Environmental Committee for the City of El Segundo. While she often applies her communications skills to these civic duties, Tracey won’t hesitate to get her hands dirty through beach cleanups and garden plantings, or her feet tired through walking districts or in marches. On the personal side, Tracey lives in Los Angeles and is the happily married mother of two teen boys. She is a proponent of eco-minded living, an avid reader and yoga practitioner, and a lover of travel and good meals shared with friends and family.