Our Work


We help you tell your unique story in a transparent, ethical and compelling way.  To accomplish that, we help you engage, listen and build relationships one conversation at a time and see opportunities through a win-win lens, so you inspire others to rise to champion your cause from the outside in. This is how CliffordMoss helps you win without crossing the line.

Our style:

Is strategic, energizing and practical.  We strive to listen in all directions, being data-driven and maintaining our allegiance to the uniqueness of each client and project.  Because we believe people support what they help create, we want to partner with you to help you achieve your goals.  We firmly believe that we can teach and learn from each other.

Our process:

Focuses your team on: 1) accurately assessing project goals and the climb ahead of you; and 2) developing a successful communications strategy based on your organization’s specific circumstances and needs.   We work with you on communications strategies that we develop together, bringing fresh energy to local tactics that you have seen succeed in your community in the past, rather than applying a one size fits all approach.  Together we will establish (or strengthen) relationships of trust with your key stakeholders and voter groups and implement a plan that earns wide community support. 

Our tools:

Employ the best time-tested strategies and tactics: precise targeting, because different sets of stakeholders and voters respond to messages differently; grassroots organizing; disciplined field work, smart direct mail and creative online strategies.  As we work with you, look for us to bring an extra creative advantage, enhancing proven techniques with cutting edge technology, innovative approaches to new media and robust online campaigns.