A Win for Parks


In early 2018, CliffordMoss began working with an independent committee formed to advocate on behalf of a parcel tax East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) was considering placing on the ballot. Decades before, they had asked voters to support the district with a prudent parcel tax, and now, they were asking voters to continue supporting them by extending this critical funding source for another 20 years.


EBRPD had continued to nurture a strong public engagement effort with the community, and on June 5, 2018, the EBRPD Board unanimously placed measure FF on the November 2018 ballot.

EBRPDFireMailerFront.pngWith a team of individual volunteers representing a diverse set of community stakeholders – we got to work! The CliffordMoss strategic campaign plan included data driven messaging and deliberate contact with voters (the ultimate decision makers). We knew the community cared about the fact that Measure FF would continue to protect against wildfires; enhance public safety in parks; preserve water quality, shorelines, and urban creeks; protect redwoods and parklands in a changing climate; and restore natural areas.

The goal was to ensure the 469,245 registered voters knew the importance of Measure FF. The task was large, with theEBRPD_Fire_Mailer_Back.png Measure FF zone covering 23 parks, two counties, and ten cities. We used our “facilitate, train, coach” model to help everyone plug into a focused plan.

EBRPD_YesonFF_EDSBannerAd.pngWe advised the committee on specific data driven strategies including simple and direct branding, best messengers, voter targeting, a direct mail program coupled with an equally robust online persuasion program, letters to the editor tools, endorsements, and a coordinated volunteer-fueled phone call and door-to-door effort to important “will-vote” voters. Even faced with an organized “No on FF” campaign, we remained focused on our program and what WINS.

Ultimately, everyone's hard work implementing the campaign plan, built on the foundation of EBRPD’s public trust, led to success. Measure FF was the top winning parcel tax on the November 2018 ballot with 81.18% support.



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